"GuaSha" Facial

Monday, October 16, 2006

GuaSha Facial 刮痧美容

If you want to be 5 to 10 years younger or maintain your youth look, you must definitely try this "GuaSha" facial. It is a facial skill that can improve your blood circulation on your face and increase your cell growth which make your face's skin maintain young. Your face's skin will also increase its absorption ability so that it can absorb any treatment products apply on your face better.

Immedicate effects you can see/feel after first attempt:

1) Dark circles decrease
2) Eye Bags/Puffy eyes decrease
3) Fine Lines reduced
4) Uneven tone improved
5) Smoother skin
6) Smaller pores
7) Dark spot lighten
8) More radiant look
9) Skin Lifted
10) Skin Firmer
11) Double chin reduced/Refined better face shape
12) Skin condition improved

This "GuaSha" facial uses a "stick" made from cow's corn, specially designed to our face's features.

You cannot stop yourself from aging but you can DELAY aging.

Now there is a way to still young, why let your aging appear on your face?

Immedicate effect GUARANTEE!

Testimonials of significant effects:

See picture above, GuaSha is only done on half of the face. See the immedicate effect. Guess which side of the face (left or right) has done Guasha? {Hint : See the lines (near the nose) on each side of the face}

Ans: On your left. As we grow older, our skin tends to loss its firmness (saggy), causing two deep lines near your nose. GuaSha brings back its firmness and the skin has been lifted up, reducing the line.


Guess again, GuaSha has been done on which side of the face?

Ans: On your right. The face is significantly been lifted up.


The above person has a bad acne problem. Both sides of his face are previously reddish and uneven skin. See picture on your left side. Note that the reddish has significant reduced and the skin is smoother.

Note the difference in the above two pictures. This person has done only half of her face. (i) Face are full with wrinkles, at the side and below of the eyes. (ii) Wrinkles disappear and skin are more smoother.